Cleveland area round copper valley repair

A recent repair to a round/rolled eave valley copper valley near Cleveland, in Northeast Ohio.
This is a technique that I tried to copy from Erno, the master craftsman from Germany.
The house was re roofed a few years ago and the workmanship was terrible. There is a multitude of flashing problems.
This valley section had been leaking for years and the previous roofers shingled over the existing rotted wood.
I removed the existing shingles (and the aluminum sheet they nailed over the rot), rebuilt the rafters,decking, and soffit. And installed new copper valley flashing and gutter extension.



How did I do Erno?

I’m no copper man, but I do know photography.

Need a better “after” shot.


the rolled seams look good (and they are sloped like
they should be, amazing) those are for sure
watertight FOR EVER! I promise!

The before picture is very good (I mean the pic NOT
what it shows, that is waste of resources, that is

But really my friend… we would like get a better
picture about the “after part” :wink:

Going back to that job next week to solder some previously caulked gutter joints. Will get a picture with the sun behind me. :slight_smile:

Hi Dennis,

The NEXT week is over :smiley:

We would like see the better picture (please)

I notice the previous roofers butted those shingles where they rolled over the edge. A good example of changing a page in the book and lapping them instead.

Been busy around here.
Here’s a better picture.

Right 'O tinner, The eyebrow dormers were leaking where the water ran under the shingles at the butted edges. Had to remove and lap instead.


[quote=“spenglermeister”]Hi Dennis,

The NEXT week is over :smiley:

We would like see the better picture (please)[/quote]

Here, what you do is not generally considered roofing…
It is sheet metal work, damn nice work I might add.

This is generally a different skill set.

Most roofers that do this type of work consider anything less than copper and/or slate to be junk.

The large majority of people cannot afford this, but this type of roofing is the epitome of roofing.