Cleaning roof tar off concrete patio

How do I clean concrete patio tar marks from old roofing being torn off?

I like to use a big 12d or 16d nail and chip away at it.
Or the back end of my estwing drywall hatchet.
Then at the very end i will use the bottom of my shoe and kick it.
It dulls it out.

There are specific cleaners you can buy
But what it does is leave a big clean spot that is more noticable than before.

We really do need to keep these surfaces tarped.
Not just the grass.
We sometimes forget to tarp around the trailer in the driveway and i always regret it.
Garage door should be tarped also.

powerwash the whole thing or it’ll look like a spotted dog…

When we get marks on anything concrete I have my guys use Orange cleaner and a wire brush