Class 4 shingles insurance discount worth it?

My insurance is paying for a new roof since my current one was wind damaged. In this process, the subject of installing class 4 impact resistant shingles has come up. The insurance company said we would get a $300/year discount if we had them installed. There is one significant detail - we’d have to sign a cosmetic damage exclusion.

This is from the insurance co. “By signing this form, you agree that in return for the
discount, you will not have coverage for cosmetic loss or damage that’s caused by hail and
alters the appearance of the roof covering. You will have coverage for hail damage that
allows water to penetrate the roof covering.”

I am concerned that I could end up with a hail damaged roof that looks terrible, but still serves it’s purpose as a functional roof. Hoping someone having experience with this can shed some light on the subject.

I wouldn’t worry about it. I can’t recall ever in my life seeing hail damage that was visable from the ground.

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I wouldn’t sign that waiver. You’re basically waiving coverage of your roof. If you have hail damage that is bad enough to be a cosmetic issue, it is bad enough to replace the roof. Sounds innocent enough but nothing the insurance companies do is innocent.


100% agree - they are in biz of ripping customers off … not giving freebies

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it all comes down to math with Class IV. If you are in a hail heavy area, and the discount is large enough, it can be very much worth it. In our area, State Farm and Farmers give 28% premium discounts. So our clients are net positive in 2.5 years or so.

Would you do the same for your car? It’s only a few dents…

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The ones really getting the discount are the insurance company.

As an adjuster… DO NOT sign any waiver to your insurance company. You probably need to look for a new insurance company if your discount is only $300, unless you have a very small home. Class 4 shingles cost a roofing contractor on average $25-30 per square more than simple 30 year laminate roofing. Pay that difference and find another insurance company… you’ll be amazed at what kind of savings you can find…without having to sign a waiver.