Claim is over 5 months old. Can I still supplement


This might be a little confusing so please bare with me. I had a referral come in for a customer a few days ago who started her roofing claim on 8/23/2018. She has already cashed the ACV check and she paid me that amount. She has a non-recoverable policy so I’ve been paid what there is to be paid for this roofing job. With materials and the cost of labor there will be nothing left unless we supplement. My question is, Can we supplement for a claim that was started 8/23/2018 and the roof still hasn’t been done? I want to make sure we will at least have a little profit from this job that’s if the insurance company will pay for any of what we supplement for. Thanks in advance!


Most policies allow 1 year to complete the work. Assuming that is the case, you may supplement. Why did you agree to do a roof for the ACV amount?


This customer was a referral and she was an older lady and nobody else would help her. I’m trying to help her out. Thank you for answering. Authentic_Dad I was see you on the forum and you’re very informative so I have another question if you don’t mind me asking. We are actually a little new to the roofing business and I help my husband with the paperwork and things like that. We have an insurance company that is putting 3 tab - 20 yr. - comp. shingle roofing - w/out felt. We were told that 20yr shingles were discontinued but the adjuster will not budge and approve 25yr. I have googled and can’t find a straight answer on when they were discontinued or a good argument to use when trying to get the adjuster to approve 25 yr comp shingles. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m tired of google! lol! Thanks so much!


Get a local supplier to write you a letter, on their company letterhead, noting that 20 year shingles are no longer available for purchase in your area. Scan and send to the Adjuster. The HO has the vested interest as they would have to pay you an upgrade for the next best shingle. Have them call and demand a proper adjustment.

If you’re starting to supplement, I wrote several very helpful supplementing tools in web apps. Supplementing Tolls Link you can read examples and how to’s at More Supplement Info Link Good luck.


What area are you in? In our area, these shingles are still available.

I would definitely verify before throwing out demands. I am a prior adjuster with years of Xactimate experience so if you need any help supplementing, I would be happy to assist!


Hey hi. You can try for it.


If the difference in price from a 20yr to a 25yr is $5 a square, why bother. Eat the extra few bucks and move on. Sometimes you waste a lot of unnecessary time that you could be on another job making back that money. Just my experience.


It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to supplement for the right shingle to be paid for. Once you get the letter from your supplier, you can use it every time moving forward. Successful supplementing is more about getting a lot of smaller items approved than hitting home runs all the time.