Christams Bonus etc


For many years we have done Christmas bonuses for our people. this can be a weeks pay or more depending on the guy and his performance. this year we are scaling it back a bit. we also always do the turkeys at thanksgiving for them and sometimes take some of the company to either NERCA or NRCA. Another that is a good field trip is to have the shinglers go to the plant to see how the shingles are made, we have been to the GAF and Certainteed “Bird” plants and the guys loved it as it gives them a more in depth understanding of there profession. Is this standard for some of you guys as well or do you use other incentives ?


We just set up 401k, medical and profit sharing. We used to do christmas bonuses…but not this year. We spent too much through out the year (New shop). Also i dont feel that any of my employees really deserve a bonus as they all for the most part acted with a “oh well its just a job” attitude.

Im switching it up with the 401ks and profit sharing to see if they show any more “pride”.


I’m smalltime but i definetly find the fuunds to do the bonus and dinner everyone woks better when there appreciated



No Christmas bonus. Bonus’s are given out monthly.

Benifits are
paid holidays
1 year/ 1 weeks paid vacation
If you have 18 months at Christmas you get another weeks paid vacation. Otherwise you can take the week off without pay.
Blue Cross for you and your famiy - dental and eye
Simple IRA matching 3%
$12,000 life insurance

Foremans get a company phone
Field trips/semminars are always available. Las Vegas in Febuary for the Roofing Convention.

I think that is it.


Thats pretty good Lefty. Are you a union shop ? commercial work ?



No union

90% residential in a highly competitive market. Lots of uninsured guys, Lots of painters and carpenters doing roofs.