Choosing Shingles

When bidding a job, how do you decide/discuss with the homeowner on what shingles to use? Do you ask them if they’ve already picked out a shingle they would like installed? Or do you sell them on a shingle that you like? In addition to that, What shingle lines would you guys say are the best. ( I live in Oregon if that helps)

We offer a brand we like, but if they request something else as long as it isnt junk we install it.
They pay the difference in price,if any.


We are also in Oregon and Malarkey is the best limited lifetime shingle in that market, (for now, they are making changes unfortunately). We always steer our customers towards what we consider to be quality shingles; Malarkey, OC, Certainteed Landmarks. NO Iko, no GAF. Atlas has also come to be available in Oregon but we haven’t used it. I have heard good things about it on this forum I believe.


When you go truck shopping the GM dealer may have dodges or fords but mostly GM products.
Same for roofing, We are a Certainteed company. We can put on almost anything you like as long as its a decent product but we show up at the job with the Certainteed samples.

Hi, I need expert help selecting the right shingle for our home.
I live in Central Florida, about 5 miles from the Ocean, East Coast.
I am looking for a shingle that can take 150 MPH winds
I am checking Atlas. They have two type, Pinacle, and Storm Master.
Which one would you recommend?
And or should I go with metal roof, but I heard that metal roof is twice the price.
Also, what is the code in florida for number of nails that must be used, is that 6?

Depends on how long you planning to stay , less than 10yrs go with any shingle brand ,their promises about withstanding 150mph is kinda dumb,it should be hurricane to have such speeds,then you have bigger problems if it ever happens.

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I don’t live in hurricane country but I’m pretty sure everything blows off in 150 mph winds. We’ve replaced concrete tile in spots after 80 mph.

GAF HDZ touts an unlimited wind speed warranty with only 4 nails, if you use their underlayments, starter, ridge, ventilation…and most importantly, ILS. (If lightning Strikes). How in the heck is underlayments, starter and ridge going to give the shingle unlimited wind warranty. It’s simply not. As a matter of fine print, it says these test were done by an independent lab. Your results may differ. There you go.

The Atlas Pinnacle and StormMaster
Are excellent!
The StormMaster is literally bullet proof
And holds its color real well
Is it worth the 50dollars or more per square
For it ?
How much more would that be?
If you have the extra money to spare and want the highest peace of mind.
But i am very satisfied with the Pinnacle.

5 miles from the beach you may or may not be in a required high wind code area.
4 nails or 6 nails depending if it is.
Most all the guys like to install 6 nails every where they go so they dont have to think about it.

I can’t even imagine why any any roofer today would 4 nail? My crews have been 6 nailing for over 25 years regardless of where the job is.

If i was installing 3 tabs, i would 4 nail.
I dont install them anymore.
Most roofers are horrible sloppy when they 6 nail a 3 tab shingle.
Seen so many leaks because of it…
Because they cant keep the nails close together.
And when they do, the gun malfunctions because the gun cant cycle the fastener quick enough, causing it to not be straight and flush.

If i was hand nailing, i would 4 nail.
And i would fight to the death over its integrity too.

Do you still think that in 2020, Malarkey, OC, Certainteed Landmarks are best shingles for most of the US?