Chimney Question - How to secure to roof


I have a concrete block chimney that goes up the side of my house and through the eave. Several years ago, ice backed up behind the chimney causing a crack in the mortar joint at the eave-line, which in turn caused the top of my chimney to lean out considerably. I had the chimney torn down to that point and rebuilt. I then built a cricket behind the chimney to divert rain and eleviate the ice problem. All worked well for several years, but this year the problem returned (to a lesser extent). What I’m wondering is if there is a way to secure the chimney to the roof to give it more support and stop it from leaning out, or any other solution you might suggest. The roof is steel, and has a pretty steep pitch; I’m guessing about 9/12. Thanx, Jeff


most likely there is a two inch space around your chimney as per code. and the chimney can easily float around that opening if tall enough.

I suggest that anything you put around the chimney to get it to stop swaying should be installed in the attic area, possibly a 2 piece collar that is bolted to the rafters from the front and back. Hope this helps


Is anything like that (collar) commercially available, or is it something that would have to be fabricated? I was thinking of something along that line, but don’t have access to the attic area. I was thinking of maybe some stainless steel cables and heavy eye bolts lagged into the rafters (if I can somehow find their location).


Brace that bad boy with a 1/4" steel strap bent around and where they meet (center of the back facing ridge) kick out 3". On these two kick outs (90 degrees from the chimney) you will need a hole for a bolt to clamp 2-2"x 2" angle iron braces which in turn gets bolted to the roof (close to the ridge into ridge or rafters).

Note: This does not need to be at the top, mid height of the chimney works fine and don’t forget to use all galvanized or painted accessories.

Don’t do it alone or unharnessed!******



Without pictures it is hard to say.


block chimney up the side of the house and thru the eave. I assume that means overhang?..possibly a big steel u shaped piece of hardware on the wall, and some sort of a Y shaped piece up higher tying the chimney to the foor with hangers built and flashed into the roof. I originally thought you meant thru the middle of the roof, below the ridge.