Chimney flashing


I have a concrete “monray” tile roof about 30 years old. I had repairs done around the brick chimney. The water diverter removed, replaced side saddle and j pan etc. There is a 3 inch gap between the chimney and the first tile on the downslope side. looks like the flashing goes under the first tile. shouldn’t it go over the top? wont water go down between the chimney and that three inch gap?


Yes, it should go over the top.

Presumably the roofer ran flashing under the first tile and over the next down side tile course. Not the best way of flashing a tile roof.

Here’s a couple links to proper flashing techniques;

Chimney flashing

Tile Roof Chimney Flashing


alot of chimneys down here are flashed to the subroof only not the tile.
the tile is just cut around the chimney and filled
in with mortar.