Chimney Flashing Clarification (help!)


I recently got a new roof due to wind damage. The roofing contract said they would ‘re-flash chimney and all wall abutments as needed’ and the insurance claim specifically itemized reflashing the chimney. In the upper photo, you will see the old chimney and it’s flashing. The other photos are details of what the roofer did. They essentially added some caulk and spray painted the apron, and then they put new step flashing and counterflashing ON TOP of the old counterflashing on either end of the chimney. The roofer is telling me that he cannot and will not replace the counterflashing and wishes to put counterflashing over everything to clean it up. Here are my questions for this community:

  1. Can you tell from the photos whether my counterflashing is re-usable? It was not leaking before and seemed in fine shape.
  2. If we saved the counterflashing (which seems to be only about 1.5" tall, would it be possible to stick new step flashing and aprons up under the counterflashing? That is what I expected them to do, because I understand that the counterflashing is in the masonry of the chimney.
  3. Also, the roofer is making this whole conversation seem like I am insisting that I want the flashing to ‘look’ a certain way, and that my only motivation is how it will ‘look’. He is telling me that over flashing and applying a heavy amount of caulk will be completely functional. I guess I do want it to look high-quality and professional.
    And FYI the insurance company allotted $260 for step flashing and $540 for chimney flashing and these photos show the quality of their work…If you have any thoughts about how much work that would cover I would also appreciate understanding because I am currently trying to get the roofer to re-do this flashing to match the original flashing but he is saying that is out of scope.
    Thank you!


You don’t want that guy reflashing your chimney.
If he thought that was acceptable he probably isn’t able to do it properly


It doesnt make roofing magazine beauty contest…


That is certainly not pretty. If there were two different line items (one for step flashing and one for chimney flashing), the step flashing line item is probably not for the chimney - it is for step flashing somewhere else on the roof. The chimney flashing line item covers the flashing on the chimney - this line item takes in to account the flashing required for a chimney and the labor to install it.

If it were me, I would contact the Building Inspector for the City and see if they will come out and take a look for you. Contractors are required to re-roof to code and the International Residential Building Code states that damaged or rusted flashing cannot be reused. Contractors can be fined for not following code.


Get it done correctly. Rain will eventually leak down along your walls, behind the sheetrock. You’ll first notice it with damp carpet below the chimney, or in rooms sharing a wall, then mold behind pictures on the sheetrock.