Chimmney flashing


I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, can you clarify?


Lead flashing, especially mortared in is a great way to do it. The old installation obviously ran out onto roof. My comment is that the new roofer just reused the old flashing. New roofer should have cut the bottom back to just above roof and installed new step flashing under it (maybe new step flashing is there). So what I’m saying is the new roofer didn’t create the issue, he just didn’t fix it.




On back of family room there is a high spot at the rake and not sure why. Only really noticeable when the sun hits a certain way. Didn’t notice at first . Also seems to be buckling in several areas along the rake ? Maybe just cosmetic but brand new roof


Your overhang has a slight sag to it. Its nothing out of the ordinary for an older house and nothing to be worried about. Very common complaint with new roofs though. It’s been that way for a while but no one ever takes notice till they get a new roof and are paying attention. I actually take before pics when I work on a house with that issue to avoid the customer trying to tell me “it was neeeeeeeeeever like that before” lol.


Looks like it might be caused by the house. A bit of sag in your building, newer shingles tend to make issues like that more visible.


There is a wall holding that high spot up. The rest of the house has settled and sagged a little.


There is probably a nail that wasn’t nailed in all the way or debris.i would get up there and push down on the areas and see what is making it stick up


I would put money on it that there’s a nail sticking up