Check out these new roofing tools

Nice concept but I reckon my boys would bust it within a few hrs.
Simple is key.
Make it roofer proof.

They suck. nothing beats a shingle eater.
I have tried them all.

My boys would rather use the Shindig tool for taking off roofs and the other guys use a heavy metal device that we call the Texas Toothpick to tear of with.

whatever happened to using good old pitchforks?

pitch fork all the way !

RooferJ said it Shingle eater all the way!I have never tried a pitch fork…maybe for shake? I use a hammer for shake,and slate tear off…

Im old school i was taught with a pitch fork and its all i ever used.

shingle eater is what i use for 1 layer shingle tear-off.
For cedar and slate i just use a hammer.

all the old timers will appreciate “the beast”. its a newer version of the pitchfork. best damn rippin bah out there.

Its almost unanimous with my guys. the shingle easter it is. One roofer who has been with me for years likes the red ripper a little better but the rest disagree. I would never go back to the days of pitchforlks or square back shovels.

I agree… pitchforks and square back shovel days have been and gone :slight_smile:

We just did a rip on a 12/12, this house had 3 layers of shingles on top of cedar shake.I had red rippers, shingle eater, and good old reliable pitch forks. I also had this big heavy ugly thing I bought off a friend who recently retired. it’s been sitting in my shop for a year or more. Anyways I decided to bring this beast along and give it a go. I was amazed how this beast made quick work of removing all the layers. No one on the crew wanted to use it at first because of the weight but when they noticed how easy the roof was coming off each tried it out and agreed it was a great tool.I managed to get the name off the handle, it is called the shingle beast, made by malco, unfortunately I cannot find another one in the toronto area, any other roofers try this beast out?

Google it, you can buy them online.

My crew only uses pitch forks. Never tried some of those fancy devices so can’t comment on them. Getting harder and harder to find good roofing forks may have to try some of those fancy ripping tools soon.

For pulling nails those toothy shovels work nice.

If the shingles come off easy a pitch fork is the way to go.

I don’t know if any of y’all have paid much attention to the link or the actual tool, but the primary focus is the shock absorbing spring in the center.

Now, I don’t usually pull enough off the roof on my own to worry too much about it, but provided the blade is replaceable & everything else lasts a long time, it might be a worthy long term investment & might get you a bit more life out of your crew in the long run.

i usually use my teeth. i just hit the shingles and pull… for shake i also use my teeth. the i spit the shingles into the bin. easy as pie. the cedar shakes tastes best. yum.

it took my name. man where’s my moolah.
im the roofing buster
i gotta go get my movie cheque…jeeez

i tried the roof buster and it busted.the shingle eater works great.home depot and lowes have cheap versions but they bent quick.

actually we pretty much broke em all…shindigs are ok too…