Charge for shingle debris removal?

I have two houses, with about 44 squares total. I need to hire someone to park a dump trailer at each house and let my contractor dispose the shingles and debris in the trailer, then haul off and dispose of it for me. He is charging $150 per ton. I understand they charge by weight rather than raw volume. But the final number for disposal just sounds high. This is in Oklahoma. Thoughts?

Id say it is reasonable.

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I can only speak to what I know as a roofer in Colorado, but normally we roll a charge of 10-30 (depending on waste zone) dollars a square into the remove and replace price. Given that a square of shingles and accessories will end up between 200-250 for a standard laminate shingle like Timberline HD I would say that sounds right

44 sqr is 132 bundles. At 70-85 (or more) lbs each, so almost 6000lbs or 3 tons

Check your math man :smiley:…you must know my estimator?


Oops. 9200+ lbs. 4.5 tons.

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Why would the contractor not provide a dumpster?