I am a small roofing co. Sales,installation,clean up,mostly alone. I would like to increase my sales and increase my profits,and don’t know if it makes much difference to consumers if you are certified installer or say Master Elite status…It seems to me that in my area, most people just go w/lowest bidder. I have heard that it is very costly to become Master Elite contractor, and have limited funds to do so. I have been working w/lettered truck,job signs and referals for advertising. I was considering Yellow pages this year, and wanted to set myself apart from the other 14 pages of roofers now listed.I have talked w/some roofers that are now dropping prices to get the jobs…and I try to sell myself as a profesional installer installing a superior product, and have good luck w/referal jobs.I have already knocked doors and sold jobs on the spot,but you can’t sell high enough like that to expand buisiness…any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance…

you now have to work your way up the ranks with GAF/ELK and provide financials, insurance and be in business for a minimum amount of time.

1st year= authorized (use of business cards)

2nd year= Certified (use of tools for success and able to system plus warranty) $495 year

after that= master elite (more tools for success, golden pledge warranty, website listing)$7000 year

with certainteed…just cheat on a test

Hey i did not cheat.


Why and how would someone cheat on the MSA?

I think the book is an excellent guide to learn or expand a roofers knowledge, regardless if they take the test to get the credentials or not.


I read both Certainteed books a couple years ago and learned a lot of things I didn’t know.

A sider I know who lives down the road from my house is a super master Certainteed installer. He’s certified to install every product Certainteed sells and even got the highly coveted Wizard Polo shirt. Acording to Certainteeds website there is only one other contractor with as many certifications as him in a 20 mile area. He didn’t cheat on any of the tests.

He’s a brain and his sister is even smarter. She speed reads one page at a time with one eye on each page at the same time. His pet peave about her is that she will mouth what he’s about to say while talking in person. I roofed her house last Summer and was amazed how smart she was.

$7K per year to sell shingles that give me slivers? No thanks. Last year I got over $1,000 back from Certainteed. So far this year a couple hundred bucks but they no longer give refunds for Landmark 30’s.

Try reading the book Guerrilla Marketing to get some ideas.