are they any good ? what are your thoughts. thanks

i was just wanting a little input from some of you who may ahve used certainteed. just wondering if there are any problems i need to know about or are they the best thing going. thanks for any info. good or bad.

I don’t know about “the best” there are better manufacturers out there. I’ve never had any issues with the product.

yes they are good. GAF and Certainteed are the two best.


What he said :slight_smile:

I prefer Tamko and Certainteed over GAF/Elks


The Certainteed Landmark line is all I sell and install. 90% of the asphalt roofs I install are the base line 30 year shingles. The other 10% are Landmark Premium and Landmark TL’s. With those shingles I double the Shadow Ridge.

Certainteed did make poor shingles in the 90’s and up until a few year ago but have fazed out most of them.

Sealdon 15/20/25, Horizon, Horizon Classic, and New Horizon all bad. The three tab version are known to curl.

At the same time you could have chosen a fiberglass GAF or Owens Corning which are known to crack.

GAF/ELK Timberlines seen thin and easy to cut and seperate the laminate than the Certainteed Landmark.

Our favorite shingles to use are Certainteed.

The five-star warranty is the best available. The SSR program that we are enrolled in has increased our sales by 40%, You can also offer a 50 year non-prorated warranty backed by certainteed for an additional seven bucks per square. you can literally flip your 30 year vs 50 year percentages arround.