Certainteed VS. Malarkey & Problems associated with both


Differences between manufacturers, which would you prefer???


50 year Legacy Vs. 50 Landmark TL ???


I don’t have any experience with Malarky shingles but all I have heard is good stuff.

The Landmark TL’s are very nice.


We normally use Malarkey when considering a 30 and 40 year shingle. Malarkey offers a few interesting patented designs for both of these. A nailing zone 3.5 time larger than any other manufacturer, tapered laminated edges so that the shingle lays flatter on a surface, and a “your choice” warrantee program where they will honor any other manufacturers warrantee.

But when considering a 50 year shingle I don’t believe any other manufacturer can come close to Certainteed’s “TL” series. Malarkey’s 50 year boasts a higher wind and impact rating because of the high SBS content in the shingle, but falls short with the flimsy 2 layer design.

On a 30sq roof your only looking at at an extra $600 to upgrade to the TL.
Also, I believe the 50 year TL retains 20% product warrantee after the 50 year mark.


There is no Marlarky shingle in this part of the country but I have never heard anything bad about them. I do know that the Certainteed Landmark TL is a great shingle. It looks great and will last for years.


Malarkey unglue in winter months and stick sortof in summer time…Pabco shingles stick all year long,same with Certainteed


Malarkey makes a damn good shingle,my preference for a 30yr.





We use Malarkey 90% of the time. have seen them withstand 100+ mph winds. Better than Pabco(imo).



You can’t get them in my area.

Landmark TL is a great product. Gotta a 60 sq 7/12 tear off comming up. Ripping off the New Horizons and putting on Cumberlands.

A month ago did a 60sq 10/12 tear off with the Shenandoah. On that job we ripped off Timberline 40’s.

Hearing rumors that Certainteed is going to start making the TL’s in the Shakopee plant, hope that brings the cost down some.




I’ve tried everything else.


Check out any Mal. shingle when cold and see what I mean,then check out other brands when cold,AND they cost more for no reason.


Roofboy lives in Alaska,I don’t think it gets much colder than that.Maybe I haven’t seen the cold weather effects as much as others.Worst shingles I know of are BP’s.


I agree


How can you argue with another B.C boy,lol :smiley:


I have been having a few problems with this one brand one of problems is doing repairs on 5yr old roofs were rain is blown under shingles because shingles arnt stuck together.For the price you pay you should not have to come back after 5 yrs to gum the shingles down.


granule galor as well


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