Certainteed Sure Start Plus 5 Star Warranty - How priced?

Can anyone tell me how this warranty is priced? Possibly by the square? I know there are special requirements on installation.

I called Certainteed but no help. There are no ShingleMaster Companies close to me (I realize that only they can offer the 5 Star).

It appears to me that I may have to go with a local company and forego the warranty, as no one seems interested in traveling (gas prices, etc I guess).

I cannot determine if the warranty issue is worth pursuing if I can’t get a feel for the cost.

Any advice/recommendation is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


$12 per sq. for 5 star
30-40 yr. shingle 20yr non prorated material and labor warranty
lifetime shingle 20 yr labor and 50 yr non prorated material warranty. need to be Select Contractor.
not many, we are the only one in our county.

Where are you located?
With regards to the warranty, personally would’nt bother with it.

Pretty much that’s what you will get if you buy the warranty and need something. I agree with Krakkerjak. Don’t bother, just hire a company that warranties their labor and you’ll be fine.

If you have contacted all of the Select Shingle Roofers, and they are too far away, it’s a moot point isn’t it?

I first became an SSR in '03 and I don’t think we have ever paid extra for warranty coverage since we get some warranties free every year and re-imbursed for what we buy.
We have to install ice and water shield on the rakes, eves and valleys up in here in Ohio. I don’t know if they make the roofer do that in your area. That adds a little to the price of the roof because we normally don’t need I&WS.

The ideal thing would be to get estimates and choose the contractor you like best.

Some of my customers like the idea of the 15 year warranty backed by a major corporation and some don’t care as much about the warranty. They are just looking for somebody that seems capable of doing a good job.

I have been a Master Wizard Installer for two years and have yet to give a sure start warranty. Over the past four years every roof I have done has been to the specs required by CT to give the warranty however.

Met with the CT rep the other day with four of my installers. In two weeks will be able to offer the 5 star warranty. In addition will be able to get a bunch of nice brochures and sample boards for free. Will also have access to other things at cost.

I was told with the 4 star warranty with 30-40 year shingles CT will warrant the labor and materials for 15 years and for the Lifetime shingles will warrant the labor and materials for 50 years. The Landmark Premiums are now considered lifetime shingles, I sell a lot of these. The rep said something about $3 per square for the warranty. This may have been for the 15 year warranty.

Sort of think CT is going out on a limb to warrant materials/labor on a shingle for 50 years. Even a high end Super Shangle will not look good at 35 years.

The warranty can be transferred once.