Certainteed Metric Landmark TL ,English Shadow Ridge?

I received the shingles, which are only available in metric, and ridge cap, but they sent English caps which have a 5" exposure rather than metric 5 5/8".

The English are 12" x 12" overall, metric are 13 1/4" x 9 7/8".

I am doubling the shadow ridge for enhanced effect as advised here, so my question is should I insist on the metric cap , or just settle for the 12" cap and vent I received?

I am concerned that the difference in exposure between cap and shingles will look odd.

On the other hand, the wider 12" english cap vs the 9 7/8" metric might be okay(just not what I expected).

The Shinglevent website says the 9" vent is for enhanced caps, and seems to be what I should use.

I am leaning toward returning the English for the metric.

as an aside, when my shingles were delivered, after weeks of great weather and no rain, we had snow, rain and record cold the next week. My roofer had to have knee surgery Friday, so will be out for a few days at least. Murphy’s Law I guess.

Anyway, thanks for your advice and opinions on this.

Be safe,


Certainteed says the metric Shadow Ridge in only available on the left coast, so will use the 12" x 12".