Certainteed Landmark Vs. GAF Timberline HD


Anytime you can afford to get the better shingle, go for it. As far as telling the difference, the Premium is a thicker shingle so it may give a bit more shadow effect.


The GAF/ELK shingles are junk. I have them on my 7 year old house and they are cracking and have a ton of granuals that are missing from the bottom edge.

Waiting for a hail or wind storm because I really don’t want to have to pay for 50 squares out of pocket. Plus it’s 33ft to the eave on half the house and has two terrets.

My CT rep did say he would give me any CT roof I wanted at 50% off…

As far as warranites only CT offers a warranty against blemishes of the shingle, the others don’t. IKO, Tamko, Atlas, and Malarky are all LEAK ONLY WARRANTIES. CT, Owens Corning, and GAF/ELK cover deffects.


If your GAF shingles are cracking " and I doubt they are" then you need to make a claim with them. All manufactuers had a cracking problem with there fiberglass matt shingles in the 1980’s and some into the early 90’s espeacially Bird “now Certainteed” . It was usually on there cheaper three tabs though. I do know that both GAF and Certainteed will make good on a claim, I have seen it first hand.


I’ve thought about making a claim but there are not that many cracks YET. I’m not sure I can make a claim even. Here’s the deal. House was built in 03/04 by a custom home builder for a homeowner/presold. The homeowner never paid the builder hence the house was never totaly finished. In 2006 the homeowner somehow arrange a ficticious sale of the property for about twice the value. The homeowner stayed in the house until the Sherriff booted him out in 8/08. On paper I’m the third owner but in reality the second owner but really the only owner to ever pay a mortgage payment, hazard insurance, and property tax.

To be totaly honest have not been on a 12 year old Timberline roof yet without several thermal cracks. Typicaly I see them occure by year 10. Possibly the harsh MN Winters and humid Summers have something to do with it? I’ve also seen the same on OC Oakridge shingle, one was cracked a lot at year 7. Haven’t noticed it much with 10-12 year old Landmark shingles but don’t get on that many from that time period.

BTW, your comment is great, very condecending. For the record. MY 7 year old house with GAF TIMBERLINE shingles has thermal cracks and excessive granual loss on the bottom leading edge. I will wait until all slopes have cracks so it’s a more valid claim. Hopefully wind or hail will take the roof out before I have to deal with GAF/ELK. What’s the most they will pay? $50 a square? I’m past the 5 year warranty so they don’t have much warranty left. The roof got hit with 2in hail which made the typical huge impact marks in the flawed desinged ridge cap. The thick metal vents have dents in them but the shingles faired ok to be totaly honest. The roof had wind damage when purchased but fixed it with original shingles. The roofers who roofed the house did a very good job. Closed valleys cut straight, shingles straight, and ridge straight. No low nails and the repair I made had the nails were they should be. I wish the same quality was done on the hardi board siding.


Didnt mean to sound condesending, but I have never heard of a GAF shingle cracking from that time period, and I have seen a lot of them. I know the ones in New England are made in Myerstown since they closed the Millis factory. I have seen a lot of loose granular and shading problems with CT Landmarks, there made in the old Bird factory.


Anytime you can afford to get the better shingle, go for it. As far as telling the difference, the Premium is a thicker shingle so it may give a bit more shadow effect.


Back to the original topic…I eneded up going with the Certainteed product based on what I read on this board. My roofer pushed hard for CT even though he could do both. He has been to both manufacturing facilities and says the quality control difference is night and day and he would never put GAF on his roof


You made a good decision. CT is the way to go.


I’ve been reading through these posts as I make a decision about GAF vs. Certainteed. I have a neighbor w/ the Independence Shingle, Colonial Slate, who bought their roof in 1996. I love their roof but today I saw the shingle, same color, on a board and it doesn’t look at all like their roof. Is there anyone out their w/ some authority (maybe even from Certainteed?) who can tell me if the color has changed since 1996? Or is it just the fact that it’s really difficult to get a sense of the color from a board. It’s a big investment and I don’t want to be unhappy w/ my selection. Thank you!


It is really hard to determine a full color for a roof of one little sample board. My advice, get addresses of a few houses done in whichever color you may want to put on your own home, even if it wasn’t installed by the company you may be having do it.

Also remember, your neighbors roof was done 15 years ago, that is a lot of weathering done to those shingles.


How is added weight a better shingle? I would like to see the actual amount of asphalt in the CT’s compared to the Timberlines. At my last GAF seminar they explained the weight difference as lyme reduction. What good is lyme? I’d rather have more asphalt than more lyme- they are after all “Asphalt Shingles” right?

The granules are the protective “coating” over the asphalt. Thicker- organtic shingles IMO left too much exposed asphalt that broke down quicker. Yes they are garbage, but why are they garbage? IMO thicker edges increases amount of unprotected sides and ends to the UV. Another advantage I think GAF realized.

I just roofed a new house with CT Landmarks. Terrible. Like nailing bricks even though it was 50 degrees out. Not impressed with the recurring patterns, un-square shingles, and saw teeth inconsistent exposure heights and blow throughs, and mostly the thick valley weave.

Went on to the next house, on Lake Champlain, 20 degrees and the Timberlines laid flat and exposures are perfect. Yes hands down GAF is a more installation friendly with flexible shingles that lay flat and look great and comes with the best under layments and accessories.

Won’t be doing anymore CT.


THIS WILL HELP !!! read the WARRANTYS each one is different.if you don’t purchase the ALL the right items for the warranty it will be VOIDED.like Owens Corning they have many items REQUIRED to purchase for their warranty’s. ( I WAS SHOCKED) after reading that.also have your contractor you hire give you a written statement they owe no person or company money for your supplies.those people will/can come after YOU for payment.also put a lien on your home. give NO PAYMENT until the contractor can provide this information “TRUST NO ONE” EXAMPLE its in the mail-ill get that tomorrow-any excuse .GOOD LUCK hope this will help you in some way.