Certainteed Independence Shangle

Hello Everyone:

I’m an insurance adjuster in Ohio and have seen many, many roofs with this roofing product. Most homes with this produce are typically very nice higher end homes.

I see time and time again this product with significant blistering and pitting with roofs that are anywhere from 8 to 14 years old. Some of these homes do have ventilation issues, but, this type of situation seems all too common here in Ohio.

Have you had similar experiences with this product? Is there some sort of defect? These shangles were 40 year rated at the time of installation (they are 50 year now); but, I don’t see them lasting any longer or even as long as a 3-tab.


Which shingle are you referring to?

no comment…call certainteed. they are usually good about warranty issues.

I don’t know of any manufacturing defects with the Independence shingles. All I know is that they are butt ugly and we do not push them at all. Only time they are installed is if a customer MUST have them and can’t be talked out of it. I mean hey, let’s make a 3-Tab and then put an extra laminate on it in places so it’s not good for any of the things a normal 3-tab is… brilliant. Not one of Certainteeds better decisions imo.

Certainteed Independence

I have found that the Independence holds up pretty well, Hallmarks are another story.
Perhaps you got a bad batch?

I recently tore off some Independences that were 17 yrs old.
With the exception of areas of excessive ice damming they were in very good condition.

Certainteed Independence has been a common failure in the Ohio area.

Visit an upper scale neighborhood in New Albany or Dublin, and you will see many Independence failures…

Dont forget about the more recent lawsuits against Certainteed.

lawyersandsettlements.com/ar … l?ref=staf

“Heads and shoulders above the rest”…YEAH RIGHT…

They are not much different than the Classic Horizon and Sealdon 15/20/25. Since they are an organic base over time due to exposure to the sun and rain the corners will curl and blisters will appear. Hallmark is another organic shingle, same problems.

To put a timetable on it it would be safe to say that the South and West facing sections will have issues prior to 20 years of age in most cases. Unless of course say the roof is surrounded by trees then the shingles could last longer. 1/2 the life out of a 40 year shingle is not good.

Have a 65sq 10/12 12/12 to tear off with 6 year old black Independance shingles. Although it’s being paid for hail damage there are spots were the shingles are showing age. The roof is either going to get Landmark Premiums or TL’s, not sure yet.

We installed TL’s 2 weeks ago on a cape. What a beautiful shingle. It Teansformed the entire look of the lodge. It has a deep rich design that has a more realistic wood look. The TL’s are well worth thee small price increase on materials.

I also like the TLs. although they are tough to work vallys in cold weather