CertainTeed Hi def picture shingle boards

Has anyone of you guys recieved the CertainTeed hi def picture shingle boards? For those of you who haven’t seen them, they are shingle boards that have hi def pics instead of actual shingles on them.
IMO They are awesome looking and have some great features.

Yeh, I got some. GAF is also doing them.

I honestly though they were dumb and cheesey looking. First thing I though was, “Damn, bastards are getting cheap!”

Doesn’t matter anyways I guess. I give the customer both a GAF and a Certainteed color/style brochure and from there we start putting samples on the roof after they have narrowed it down to 3-4 styles/colors.

Good thing about the cheese boards is they don’t kill your hand. I have strong hands and carrying 3-4 boards in each hand for a couple mins starts to hurt, lol.

I like the idea of being able to carry several into the home. No granules and no staples. We carry the shingle boards with us as well in case the homeowner wants to see the actual shingle. We also have a few shingles of each color and style to put on the roof so they can see it on thier house.

im not sure i know what you guys are talking about. i dont think the guy who said GAF is doing them too was right, i havent seen any boards that dont hurt your hands or drop stones. I use GAF, so that might be why.

Hi, Marshall

CertainTeed has made a new shingle board that doesn’t have any actual shingles on it. On the front it looks like your typical board using a high def picture instead of shingles. On the back there is a picture of each color that shows three courses of the shingles in every color. They will also put the contractors name, address and phone # on them. As far as Gaf/ELK I don’t if they have them available as of yet. However I would expect them to start using them as they have many benefits.

I was at a CertainTeed meeting a couple of months ago. These boards were leaning against the wall about 15 feet away from me and could not tell they weren’t asphalt boards. The speaker said most people thought it was stupid idea until they saw the finished product.

sounds interesting. i would probably carry them. i dont now because i have an '08 dodge 3/4 ton quad that i sell out of and i dont want to scratch the interior all up with granules.

I just found out that you can view them at www.ctsamples.com You may have to be a select roofer through certainteed to order.

I’ll have to see if I can get some through my wholesaler… or @ least ask if I have to be one of the kool kids.

Certainteed did this to ease the concern about their warranty issues.

I guess the shingles on the sample boards were pre-maturely failing.