Cedar tear off


What’s a fair price per sq. for one layer cedar tearoff? No need to sheet in, they put plywood under cedar in central VA


you can get pretty much get 1 layer of anything torn off in the lower 48 , theese days, for under 50 a sq.



Gweedo, thanks for the input. I’ve never done a tearoff of anything except asphalt so I wasn’t sure. I’ve been told cedar comes off easy, but there’s a lot of waste. I can’t imagine for slate or tile price is the same too?


I’m not sure how you guys price out there (I’m a way up north!) but over here in Caglary we treat single layer cedar prices as though they were double layer asphalt. That’s pretty much an industry standard over here anyways.


speak for yourself gweedo. no one in there right mind would strip cedar for that. Then again some are not in there right mind are they .


Careful careful.

I don't miss much anymore but I missed a big one last year.  Cedar shingle roof gone bad at 12 years.  I met the homeowner and we went inside the attic and look up we see plywood.  Thats why it went bad right.... and I proceeded to explain the logic of the cedar needing to breath and with plywood up there its not breathing.  

 This is a 51 square hip roof and we were putting back GAF Camelot putting it over $30k.  Well day one (after Thanksgiving in VT short days to say the least) we began tearing off the old cedar and under the cedar was 1x4 horizontal stripping on top of vertical 1x4 stripping creating a air space between stripping and yes- the plywood we saw from inside the attic. 

 I know you are all thinking tear that off too.... I failed to mention the 18 skylights 6 of which were flashed together like a unit.  Also, this home has gutters with 1x6 facia and if we pulled off the 1 1/2" stripping we would no longer plane out.   

 We re-decked the entire roof.  Raised all 18 skylights.  $8,000 dollar mistake!


Hey RooferJ, I agree with you but with guys today, I bet you could get someone to do it for 25 a sq.

We lost 6 jobs last week. All of them said the same thing… Price.

I did not think that was affecting this area so greatly until recent. A few of them showed me the estimates. These guys were charging around 200 a sq on and off. Shingle prices alone are anywhere between 75 and 90 a sq for 30 dimensional as we are all aware. I get my Gaf/Elk Timberline Prestique HD for 84 a sq. Some of these guys were legit companies who pay taxes and everything. I do not think they will be able to stay in business.

It is getting rougher by the day. I alwaysa remember to tell myself that ANYONE can sell PRICE but not everyone can sell QUALITY. The two jobs I sold last week are only 8 grand less than those 6 other ones combined. Sort of a scary situation out there.

Take Care.


VT roofer,
What will you do differently next time to protect yourself? Write something in the contract to address the possibility?

Just to mention it too, this story is exactly why you never can know for sure exactly how many layers, what’s under the roof etc…-to all of you who said you can.


Being a hip there was no way to look-see without doing a core, but I was fairly sure I knew why the cedar was dying early.

I think I missed the question in the first post: [How much for one layer cedar tear off].

  1.  It easily takes twice the amount of time as asphalt, the nails they are    usually rusted/ headless so driving them down seems to be easiest.  
  2. The waste is light but if you are trucking expect many more trips.  On that 5o +/- job it took 14 trips with my 6x12 trailer.  I would absolutely get a dumpster next go around.

I went with $150 and I still think it was worth $200 including trucking, dumpster then I would do $150.

Thats in VT, 2 story 7/12 driveway 100’ from home and we never ever drive on HO’s lawn!