Cedar shingle labor per square compared to asphalt

Anyone know the expected cost difference in labor only between installing a cedar roof and asphalt roof in New England? Dannycedar-man & rooferJ are you out there?

p.s. RooferJ I noticed copper flashing on your cedar photos at your website. I thought the two weren’t a great match especially in a salt environment…Is it white cedar or red? On your new construction cedar jobs are you using the “cedar breather” product or wood spacers…

Every roof is different with different details.

That being said, cedar jobs are usually 3x - 4x as much as comparable asphalt roofs, for labor.
It depends upon how much copper work is involved and whether it is shakes or shingles.
Cedar shingles cost more, as opposed to shakes.

That is BS about copper and cedar not being compatable. We use 20.oz heavy gauge in most cases and somtimes lead coated copper. We always use cedar breather and stainless fasteners. We do a lot of Alaskan yellow and Tapersawn shakes. That is what you saw in the pic, we never would use whites. We install a lot of squares of cedar per year and get our price.
It has gone crazy on material costs by the way.

I noticed that on the last cedar job I bid.
Last year it was $270/sq for 3/4 tapersawn, this year it was $480…

Needless to say I was shocked. :shock:

Number 1 grade (24in tall) heavy shakes range from $265-285 a square. Gonna look at a load a guy’s selling for $220 a square for the heavy’s for a tear off comming up in a month.

The big cedar shingle roofing company in MN is getting $100 a square off and $100 a square on for cedars, seems really low to me but they use only immigrants. More than likely their getting 1/3-1/4 what their charging.

I don’t mind doing one from time to time. Laying shingles gets old and I like the smell of fresh cedar.

Did an addition a few weeks ago with medium shakes 6sq, $4K with materials.

I havent done shake befor. Iv ripped it off and installed shingles.
But from what ive seen it takes alot longer to put on.
And every company is diffrent.
And i also think it takes a lil more skill to apply.