Cedar shake roof Unrepairability Factor

Hello Everyone,
I just received estimate from the Allstate on repairs on Cedar Shake roof. He only paid to replace all valleys, turtle vents and 171 shakes total. Total length of the valley metal is 74 LF.
Roof is about 30 y.o.
I know there is a way to push this one through insurance based on non repairability.
I will appreciate if some one can guide me and tell me how to go about it.

If you replace the valleys, it means you would have to manipulate lots of shake. Obviously, changing out 171 shakes on a 30 year old roof would be near impossible. Attempt to repair a few of those shingles and video tape the attempt. I suspect it would show lots of adjacent shakes would be damaged in the process rendering a repair impossible. Have HO call and demand to speak to a Manager. Keep moving it up the chain until they will agree. They do this crap all the time, generally just a matter of pushing it hard enough.

That will be half the battle. The next half will be getting them to pay the real, local rates for replacing Shake. Good luck!


Thank you sir. I really appreciate your input.