Cedar shake prices

I usully dont stray from asphalt shingling but got off in a cedar shake neighborhood, long story short i have 3 already aproved 2 waiting on adjustor and could possible have the remaining 8 ounce its all said and done i have built one the insurance maxed out at 630 a square my materal was 352per sq thats for nails, flashing the whole works. labor was 140 per sq.im not sure thats good enough for such big projects do we got any cedar guys out there got any insight on this

I don’t know the goin rate by you , but if you are looking to sub any of that work out, I am intersted in possible relocation to busier area. Things are prety dead in my area…

Around here (NY), it’s anywhere from $800.-$1,000./sq. for 1st Grade Perfections (which are the only way to go).

I got a wood shake roof sold from an 06 wind storm. The premium number one grade blue lable shakes were ordered and held over the Winter at $220 per square. The rep called me the other day to make sure we were still on and he said the same shingles are now going for $295 per square.

The roof is a 40sq 10/12 1 story and the total is $24,500.

There is much better money to be made doing asphalt shingles.

A big company in MN who does a lot of cedar shingles charges $100 to tear off and $100 to put on cedar shakes.

Around here alot of people are going back with stone coated metal,its a class 4 hail resistant,and will save them a bundle,considering insurance on the ceder shakes are out of this world.They charge about 35 a square to tear off,but the stone coated,they dont tear off the cedar shakes,its an overlay,and still saves them money…the cost though,is about what the insurance pays for cedar…supposedly

Sell price in Ohio for
Heavies with cedar breather is 1100-1200 per sq.

15% profit before commission isnt good at all. Supplement that insurance company!

I think the insurance paid this lady around 750 a square,on ,on the cedar,and only 37.50 to take off a square…it was 42 squares,and it was around 30,000,but that included 1800 worth of gutters,alot of other stuff…She really needed all the money to go with the stone coated steel…still waiting to see if we get it,you know how that is… I dont expect to make much if we do get it…Id rather sell a capstone!!

Just tore off some shakes on a three layer. The insurance company paid around $70 per square to tear off and haul away. The funny thing is before I got the insurance estimating software I got insurance companies to pay as much as $100 a square to tear off shakes. Perhaps I was lower on the other stuff which allowed more for tearing off.

O/H and Profit is only allowed if three or more trades are involved and only if you are a general contractor. More and more insurance companies are buckling down.

Cedar shakes here treated which is all they allow around Washington DC area is running roughly 350$ per square to buy labor + profit near 1k a sq or more depending on pitch.