Cedar roof on stone smokehouse


Hi all, I’m having a carpenter put a cedar shake roof on an old stone smokehouse. It’s 10’ by 10’.

18 inch hand split, medium. He plans to nail directly to lath with no underlayment. Does that sound Ok? Please let my know if more more information is needed. Mark


That is the best way to install shakes, he is still using the 18" 30# felt between the courses I assume.


My impression is that he is not using felt at all. He’s a talented guy, but this is his first cedar roof and he is open to directions. He’s Amish, so I’m doing some web research to help out.


There is a difference between cedar " shingles" and cedar “shakes”, although most people are under the impression they are the same. Shakes are recommended to have felt between the coarses while shingles it isn’t necessary. Also I find that cedar shingles are far more common and I would guess that is what he is gonna install.


Hi, Thanks. I do know that it will be medium hand split cedar shakes. I’ll make sure he looks at using the felt. Thanks again.


While I believe a trouble free shake roof could be installed in this situation (small/non living space) without using felt interlayment (provided he kept fairly short exposure), the “book” tells you you should use felt.


Will definitely use felt on this recommendation. Many thanks.


www.cedarbureau.org is your friend


Hi, Thanks for the referral. That material was extremely helpful. Even so, the Amish workers that are installing the cedar shake seem to be taking too much time with the job. Could someone please give me an estimate as to the normal labor cost for this type of job? They had to tear off old shingles and repair some of the structure underneath. 10x10 foot stone building. It’s two guys and they’re headed into the second day.


this is photo of work so far


Looks good so far. Looks like the outside rafters are new and and some facia replaced. If I was personally doing a job like that, we specialize in old custom restoration work, we would probably bid for 2 guys 2 days. One day to take the roof off and to carpentry work and one day to install the new roof permitted no serious problems are found. In the long run it is much better to take the extra time to do it right vs doing it fast.


Ok. Agreed that quality is most important. Just curious, what would the cost be on dollars for labor. I bought all materials myself. Thank you!


Labour rates are different everywhere so hard to compare. I would be surprised if it was less than 2000labour in my area with all the repairs.