Cedar nailer's


would like to buy a couple of guns for nailing cedar.
I am wondering what make and model the fellow members would recommend. tks


Hitachi 7/8" crown stapler, with stainless staples.


Bostich makes a gun that shoots 1.5"-1.75" galvinized cedar nails


Bostich N-64C Mini coil gun…



We use Senco SQ45s and stainless staples.



we have two types for cedar roofing. The older ones are hitachi coil nailers “plastic coalated” they have an adapter on the end, kind of obsoleat now as we have switched over to makita gun nailers that can do wire or plastic and can also shoot 8d nails for decking. Our older hitachi guns “about twelve of them” are pretty much retired now and my men use the makitas. We install a lot of cedar roofing.


Not alot of cedar in BC,70’s and 80’s there was alot,but not no more mostly 30 and 40yr and metal.


Am the only one who uses the Paslode gun? :shock:


Narrow crown shooters do a nice job. If you have ever ripped up so-fastened shake, you’ll know that they hold quite well.

These lightweight guns are also good for luan and general fabrication. I don’t know if stainless ammo is available, but have never seen the anodized bleed.


MAX ta551a/16-11 more power and fines on shakes or wood shingles. We use stainless steel on all wood with copper applications or it will shoot any 16 gauge staple. If you buy one you won’t be disappointed.