Cathedral roof ridge vent wrapped around a Double Chimney?!


Hi All, Big Ben here in TN. I am a homeowner getting ready to redo my roof, which is 22 years old. About 1/3 of our roof is above rooms with a cathedral style ceiling with an interior peak height of 13’. The cathedral ceiling iiself is under 1 foot thick. A double wide fireplace chimney about 5’ wide protrudes through the roof at the peak height. See attached photos.

The last roofer who redid the shingles wrapped the ridge vent for the cathedral ceiling around both sides of the chimney. Picture attached. It has also leaked on us over the last few years, resulting in some drywall stains inside on our ceiling, but we are unsure if it was a failure of the chimney flashing.

Also of note, inside our house, up by the crown molding, where the brick chimney meets the ceiling UNDER where the chimney is wrapped with ridge vent…you can see signs of water intrusion/mold discoloration on the brick.

I’ve had several roofers comment that what the last roofer did in the late '90s seems unusual, so I am contacting you all as the pro’s, to see what your recommendation would be for products to ventilate around the chimney? I am trying to decide whether to do this wrap style ventilation again, find an alternative way to vent the cathedral ceiling, or go with my roofers advice which is to NOT wrap the chimney at all, and just leave the cathedral unvented where the chimney protrudes through the roof. Problem there is that the chimney is a double and is about 5 feet wide.

My concern if I end the ridge vent at 12" away from the chimney on either side, that the cathedral ceiling won’t vent properly and I’ll end up with mold issues where the chimney meets my ceiling inside.

Appreciate any thoughts or advice from y’all!!!

-Big Ben


I always stop my Ridge vent about 1’ short of the chimney so the chimney can be properly flashed. What you could do is install Ridge vent across the the ridge and stop short of the chimney as I described and install smart vent a foot or two down from the chimney in the portion that is not. Vented. Honestly most roofers in a situation like yours just install the vent on the ridge and nothing for the bays intersecting the chimney.


Thanks MPA. The smart vent a foot or so down from the chimney is a good idea.


Was that a attempt to stop the leak with flexseal? lol


Yes, with the newer white kind.


I really wish that stupid commercial never would have existed…