Career change INTO sales for Roofing/Siding questions

I’m considering a change in careers from medical sales to roofing/siding, basically all exterior sales. Interviewed with a locally respected company that wants to hire me but trying to do my due diligence beforehand. I’m used to making about $130k from a 100% commission sales job and feel confident in my ability to sell in construction sales after my learning curve (hopefully short).

The offer is: company vehicle w/ gas, cell phone, laptop, 401k (unsure of any match), 50% of my individual health insurance and 5% commission on gross sale.

Warm leads, business has been around for a long time and has a lot of repeat and word of mouth business. There wouldn’t be any door to door and I can set as many appointments up as I’d like but he said 8 leads is a typical weak with average closing rate of 40% and average sale of $13,500.

Does this seem accurate? The math I came up with is this: 8 appointments, close 40% = 3.2 x 13,500 = 43,200 x 5% = 2,160 x 50 weeks of a year = $108,000 annual. But, I’m guessing this business is somewhat seasonal so I can’t imagine it would even be able to multiply it by 50?

Any thoughts on this offer?

Very fair, impressive job offer for a roofing salesman.

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at this point stay with what you know


The layout of the offer sounds very interesting and could be good once you passed the learning curve and become really good at insurance work.
You may need to do the math. Most of the companies pay 30 -40 % profit split depending on who does the supplements. Some still offer 10% on gross sales, but in both cases, not 401 K and must companies not truck only cellphone. With any of this structure of payments, you can do really good but you will need to knock a LOT OF doors or having a team knocking it for you.

In your initial face, you may be receiving a lot of online-based interned “retail sales” leads and the closing rate for those is around 20%. Be aware, also that the good repeat and word of mouth referrals leads will still be sent to the senior salesman in the company until you can prove you can close the deal.

And last you are right. This is a seasonal industry where you make most of your money on spring, Summer, and portion of falls and do your planning and training on winters.

You sound like a very interesting sales-force for any company, so, do not be afraid to come on board, but be very clear of your options.

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artech, thank you for such a detailed response - very much what I was looking for. Do you feel it would be fair to negotiate a 7% vs 5% commission?

I’m willing to step outside my comfort zone to improve my quality of life with my career. That won’t happen if I continue doing only what i know. But, thank you for your comment.