So what is the general consensus? Are most of you guys using cut up 3-tabs or timbertex or equivalent on 30 year architects? Around here a cut up three tab runs like 65 cents a cap and timbertex is 2.50. I could triple layer the 3 tabs and it still won’t cost as much. Obviously with a lifetime shingle you have to get the caps to go with it, but what about those 30 years?


Ok my math was a little off because I forgot timbertex go 8" not 5". So call timbertex 3.75/foot and cut up 3 tabs 1.56/foot



Color does not match with the 3-tabs.


We use seal - a- ridge (GAF/ ELK product) matches all the old Elk colors


On all ridges we will cut up three tab shingles and use them for cap shingles but on all hips we will buy the regular cap shingles and use them as three tab cut-caps look way to wide but up on the ridge most people can not see nor even tell that they are the cut up three tabs being used as hip and ridge.


Lefty, I’ve found that some colors don’t match and some do. Most of the standard colors like weathered wood and colonial slate and black match. I learned on one job that hickory doesn’t match. Had to send some 3 tabs back for timbertex.


marshall-how does cost of seal a ridge compare to timbertex?


Timber-Tex is 65.00 a bdl,and seal a ridge is 48.00 here… I always use these to cap on a 30 yrs roof…(fox hollow gray) has no choice,have to use tim-tex…I have seen quite a few roofs in my area that are 10-12 yrs old that they used 3 tabs for cap,and all the hip caps need to be replaced…1 building is a plaza that has to be 600+ sq. I am trying to find out who manages the property so I can get on the roof and check out the field…I am pretty sure they used old Timberlines,and I have seen them cracking after 8 yrs…


Im at $39 for 25 foot opposed to whatever timbertex is at for 20 foot