Capping over a cut out for an old ridge vent

I am currently buying a house and the home inspector found a small amount of mold in the attic. The inspector also found the new roof had a 2" gap on each side of the peak where a ridge vent used to be and the underside of the roofing caps can be seen.

The contractor who did the job is telling the current homeowner they installed a power vent and it doesn’t need a ridge. I get all that but shouldn’t the 4" gap in peak be filled back in with plywood sheathing and have underlayment put on before put roofing caps go back on?

It shouldn’t cause an issue. I’d wager 95% (or more) of roofing companies wouldn’t patch in any missing top strip.

Don’t take home inspectors opinions on roofing issues very seriously. We regularly need to correct people on this forum after they were given awful advise on roofing issues and non issues.

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If we are not using the old ridge vent hole,
We cut fill it back in with 12 inch strips.

I wouldnt fault another roofer for not doing it.
I do it to eliminate any side-eye from an inspector or homeowner.

I do have to give some side-eye for not using any underlayment on this one though…

All my hips and ridges are two ply underlayment always.

Probably wont ever be a problem

Roof lover,
You are doing great work by making sure there is double underlayment over hips and ridges. I do think it would very likely be a problem though if roofers don’t do this. Ridge failure is much more common in our area than shingle failure. And don’t forget all the painters and handymen that walk on them and break them.