I’m a contractor who has mainly been involved in new construction (mostly framing and siding) as a sub. Lately I’ve been doing a lot more roofing and siding jobs for homeowners and loving it. I’m very concsientous about what I do and offer guarantees that I’m serious about on my work. I can consistently close on new job leads-but- I NEED MORE LEADS!!! Advertising in the yellow pages and newspaper generates some business but not enough. I read some old posts about canvassing neighborhoods. Does this really work? I’m curious to try it but wondering if anyone has any input. I know I am annoyed when someone knocks on my door to shove their product down my throat. Good salesmen always say you have to believe in the product your selling to be successful, which I do, but I don’t know about door to door. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


nothin wrong with door flyers.



[quote=“gweedo”]nothin wrong with door flyers.


Done some of these and got about a 1 in 300 response. Lot of paper and ink and time for little return I feel like


I am planning a yard sign campaign this spring. I did about 12 roofs in my neighborhood,and all of them will let me put my sign back up. Along with that I plan to canvass the rest of the homes around to let them know I am working,and live in the neighborhood. I hope this gets things moving…
It was easier last year,and the year before,I was knocking doors,and selling on the spot 4 out of 5…easier to sell roofs when you can get screaming deals on materials…NO DEALS TO BE HAD NOW!!!
Now it is like you are some pushy salesman when you give a quote,and tell them if they wait it will be more(cost of materials are sky rocketing)!!!
It will be an interesting year…I am glad I have my night job to carry me through,lol…30k + full bennies helps me through this nasty recession…I work 9:30 p.m. till 6:00a.m. so I am fresh for roofing during the day…I did 2 nasty roofs since I got this job, so I know it can be done…+ I don’t have to take the b.s. low bid crap just to work…



The wheel barrow will not move unless you push it,

If you need work get out there and knock on doors.

IF you have an idea. Try it. Whatever you do will be getting your name out there.

Always have your cards with you. Everyone you talk to give them your card. If you are uncomfortable in doing these things, it is a good sign that it will work.

Your compition will be uncomfortable too. This gives you the edge. If your compition is working he is making contact with his customers. He is not sitting back waiting.


Yes, Door to Door canvassing is becoming a successful way in roofing leads to high quality lead generation. I worked in this industry from past many years. It is a great way to generate new leads even if you are a new roofing contractor. However you need to make sure you are working with professional sales canvasser only.


There are a few things you can do. First, canvasing in the area that you are currently doing a job in tends to have great results. It gives you a lot of credibility. “Hey we are doing a roof for your neighbor “x” down the street, can we give you an estimate?” Second, a great way to get business leads online for us has been Google Adwords. You do have to do some research for the right roofing keywords specific to your area but it does work! Also, like the others have mentioned, make sure every job you complete, you put up a nice, durable yard sign, especially on busy roads. If the customer is happy with the work, sometimes they will be willing to keep it up for a while. I know some areas have different bylaws for yard signs so keep that in mind. Remember, it’s not just “one” thing that will bring in business rather a mix of marketing strategies that will land you more jobs.

Good luck!