Can't negotiate with insurance companies

We have a relatively new law in our state that does not allow us to “negotiate” with the insurance companies on the behalf of a residential owner regarding roof repair or replacement. Up until recently, we always provided a by-item detailed listing, with pricing, of what we did to repair/replace the roof to the insurance companies. As you would expect, it gave them the opportunity to push back on supplements they didn’t feel they should have to reimburse.

We’ve moved to providing a “scope of work” list of items with only a total price - no line item pricing. So, now they are either a) insisting they get the line item pricing anyway or b) asking for that level of info from the homeowner who, of course, isn’t in a position to either “negotiate” or isn’t comfortable standing their ground on our mutual behalves.

In addition to saying we don’t wish to break the law (in so many words) by negotiating with them, we tell them that the homeowner has every right to choose whom they want to do the repairs (and they chose us), we use fair market pricing, they could find some other roofer who is equal in total pricing to us or higher, etc. to get them to accept our submission.

Have you encountered this in your area and, if so, how are you handling it so as to minimize the push back and get paid what you’re worth/should be?

Where are you? Texas? Missouri? If either, I don’t believe you are interpreting the law correctly.

Here’s the Senate bill. The lines in question start at 77. I keep re-reading them and can come to no other conclusion about what they mean. Senate Bill 101 in Missouri

I’m not going to read your entire Senate Bill. There is a significant difference between submitting your estimate and negotiating pricing. But if you’re concerned, just submit your estimate to your Customer and let them haggle with the insurance. As the policy holder, they can negotiate or do whatever they wish. I think you’re reading the Senate Bill too literally but perhaps you should contact some other Contractors in the area or an Attorney.