Cant get on the roof! the house is in blue print form


nevermind! im not stupid i know how to measure suface area and square footage. i can go off the floor plans and add some extra and it would be fine but im in a bidding war wanted it exact.


Just get the roof plan and the scale and pitch factor with a trusty ruler and it will be as exact as it gets.


Didn’t you get exterior elevations with the print?


ya but the elevations are at 5/12 they changed it to 7/12 for appearence of a bigger house.


search “roof footage calculator” online.



All you have too look for on the print is an arrow to tell which way the pitch runs than you have the run so if the house is say 30’ divide by 2 you get 15’ plus 1’ of overhang or whatever it is and a 7 12 has a 1.16 factor so 16 x 1.16 is 18.56’ that’s your rake I’d call it 19 in this case