Can insurance deny a roof replacement based on age?

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We have this claim on a 20+ year shake roof, that does not have any policy exclusions, with more than 10 hit and splits per elevation that insurance is denying.

Is this allowed? The roof was certainly old and deteriorated but the damage was new to the roof from the hail storm and you can see the fresh wood where the shakes split.

Have any of you experienced this and how did you get passed it

Thank you

Is the roof excluded on the dec page. Chances are if it is old as you say, the underwriter can and do exclude coverage until it is replaced. In this case the roof. 10 hits per square is usually not sufficient enough to replace the roof. On a wood shake roof the number is typically north of 25 hits per square (foot fall can be added). This all depends on the thickness.

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If it is a RCV policy, age has nothing to do with the coverage. Ask the adjuster where it is stated in the policy the roof isn’t covered after a certain age? And if it wasn’t covered, why were they paying premiums?