Can I use Stormguard like this

Hi folks!

Non-roofer here (sorry about that!) but I have an issue with a motorhome water leak and was hoping to run an idea by people in the know.

My slide out has a water leak on the roof. I’ve been up there repeatedly caulking things and getting no-where. It’s a flat surface about 15’ x 2’. Someone recommended just cutting an appropriately sized piece of stormguard leak barrier and folding the ends around the corners about 3" or so on each end.

I LOVE the idea because it blankets the entire top of the slideout and would be easy to install. I’m also sure it will case the issue. I realize its not actually designed for this - is there a better way or?

I realize this is a goofy question given it’s an RV but I need out of the box thinking (RV world solutions aren’t cutting it) and I can’t think of anything more logical then to ask a roofer!

Best & Thanks in advance!

Post a pic of the problem area. Its probably worth a try but even if it works i wouldn’t expect it to be a long term fix. Make 100% sure its sticking down properly before you drive down the road though!

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Thanks a bunch!

This is a crappy picture and I’m talking about the flat top part of the roof (under the green awning).

In this case, the slide-out is in when you drive down the road ! (I hope).

The top of the slide is white painted aluminum.

I would look into silicone roof coating. With proper prep it could be a permanent solution.

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Need a pic of the surface. I’ve done a lot of motor home repairs. Usually comes down to pulling screws from trim, vents, any penetrations, cleaning off old butyl, re-caulking with water cutoff, and replacing the screws. Always have oversized screws of the same length on hand, and be careful resetting them so you don’t strip the holes. DON’T slobber a bunch of miracle crap on there, it’ll cost you more to clean it off! The crap in the spray can is for making boats out of screen doors…watch the commercial