Can anyone tell me what these are?

Hello all,
I’m looking at purchasing a home here in Northern Virginia and noticed that it had what I would describe as small (few inches?) ridges or tents along the edge of the roof. I haven’t seen it on any other roof in the area. I was told the owner had a new roof put in within the past 6 years or so. I took a few snapshots to try and show what I’m talking about . . .

First photo shows the distance between them and the placement. The second shows as much detail as I could get.

Can anyone tell me what these are and what purpose they serve? Thanks!


Those are snow guards but they seam to be spaced a little far apart to do much good in the first picture.

Hope this helps.


Yes, snow guards. Not really necessary on your asphalt shingled roof as the snow doesn’t slide. Usually used for slate or metal roofs. Not a problem to leave them.

Now the wall/brick apron flashing and the drip edge (or is that some type of gutter cover) are another story.

youve got a good demensional roof
on a good slope.
it doesnt get much better than that.


Thanks for the replies! :smiley:

just wondering does that down spout make it leak under them shingles in the winter? :?:

Nice house.

I’m originally from Fairfax/Oakton area.

What does a house like that go for nowadays in Fairfax? My guess would be around $750,000, but it all depends I guess on whether you are in Fairfax Station, Mosby Woods, Oakton, Vienna, etc.