California Ranch terminology

Hello, Looking for info on California Ranch Roof constuction, like names for types of roof / ceiling material.

My 1957 Michigan home has all beamed ceilings and 4 inch thick paper board type ceiling with white cloth on inside and originally tar paper roof outside. Ten tears ago it was reroofed over paper board with a 5/8 plywood deck, ice shield, and shingles, but with 12 -1 low pitch I always had problems. Just reroofed with modified torchdown and it is a mess. What is a good way to go.

Photos please!

Talk of paper and cloth ceilings and roof decks have me confused. Paper board? Is that stronger or weaker than cardboard? :?:

Sounds like maybe a old style gypsum deck. Pics would be great. Mod bit is a good roof but like any low slope roof the details make or break it.
Theres a lot of options in single ply membranes that could work or possibly another modbit done properly over the jacked one.
I’m not sure where in Michigan you are but its possible in my travels I could take a look at it for you.


This paper board is like a drop in acustic tile that you have in offices or basements, but 4 inches thick, so it is strong like 40 pieces of card board glued toegether It is the original ceiling on the inside and the deck on the outside. The boards are tongue and groove but I have no clue how they are attached to the 6" x 10" beams


Home is in Mount Clemens

This is a similar pitch and style, I will post real pics tomorrow

Thanks for yuor interest!

Sorry …image didn’t show up on last post

I can’t tell from a distance, but could that be tectum? Does it look kind of like shredded wheat? Or is the surface smooth, and the material a cellulose type product?

sounds like a tectum deck. they were popular on some contempoary homes from the 50s

Thanks for a ll the info . Here are a couple photos of skylight with trim off.

Well, it certainly isn’t tectum.

Hmmm, I can’t quite make out what I’m looking at; how I wish I could see it in person and touch it if need be. Anyway, it looks like whatever the material is, was installed as panels. The joints appear to be beveled, like you would do with concrete. I can’t tell if the material is fiberglass, cellulose, or what. You have to do a couple close-ups, and describe what it feels like.

Then you say there is a T&G wood roof deck?

My best guess is that it is wood fiber board, but it is kinda hard to tell.

You may be in GTP’s service area.

The tongue and groove panels are 2’ x 8’ 4" thick,chamfered edges, and flakes/cuts like paper/cardboard. White fabric on inside. Origanaly from 1957 just tar paper and tar outside for deck. Then 5/8 plywood deck, ice & water, and shingles…1:12 pitch caused issues at built in gutters.

wel rp you may be in florida and that may be an old
compressed card board deck.
theres a couple a neighboorhoods around me that have
if you got a torch down up there
then it probably just needs a good torch guy
to fix the installation mistakes.

can help with that.


gweedo he said michigan.

Where at in michigan is the question.

[quote=“gtp1003”]gweedo he said michigan.

Where at in michigan is the question.[/quote]

He is practically next door to you…
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so he said michigan did he.



Yea now i see mt clem. He has contacted me via email. Will let known what is going on.