Buzzing sound from roof

I am hearing Bee buzizng sound over my Master Bedroom.It get louder sometimes.Any ideas where the sound is coming from and why it is coming?Any suggestions please…

There is a ridgevent that has a little plastic flap on it, I it is a coravent product, it buzzes when it is windy.
Do you by chance have this type of ridgevent?

This is the product I am talking about.

Yes my roof does have ridgevent on it.What do I need to do to avoid that sound?

It is not the ridgevent per sea, it is that particular version from that particular brand.

If you have this specific ridgevent you can cut off the flap with a utility knife.
It doesn’t really do anything but block half your exhaust venting and make noise.
It is a marketing gimmick.

Given the corrugated plastic design of the coravent x5, it is highly unlikely that wind driven rain or snow will enter the attic space.

You could also replace it with a better more effective ridgevent like Shinglevent II or GAF snow country.
This is a much more expensive option and most likely not needed.

The buzzing sound may also be from a loose chimney cap or some other metal piece on the roof.

It could be loose siding also.

Thank You Axiom.I will look into the reason which you have specified and try to see if I can nail down the problem.I am glad I am member of this Forum and there are good people to help.

I did overlook the obvious, it could be bees also.

or, perhaps, energetic squirrels or mice. Their chew rates could be described like a buzz through a wall ceiling. Was it windy? likely the corazon vent, not windy and Fall/Winter in a climate where those words fit the definition? - not likely bees but a good chance larger critters.