Buying bundles to decide on color

I want to buy several bundles from some of the colors/manufacturers I’m leaning towards and lay them out on my roof to get a better idea of color combinations. The samples in store and websites don’t help much and there’s so many differences from one picture to the next.

Am I crazy to do this or is this common?

I figure if I’m going to spend ~$20k for something that’ll be on my roof for ~20yrs, what’s a few hundred dollars?

Not crazy we do it for customers once they narrow it down to 2 or 3 choices.

Do your research first and decide what manufacturer you want to use, then try out some colors. Don’t pick a manufacturer based on color or you could end up with a junk shingle solely based on color.

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Agree with MPA, quality is most important. Laying shingles on your roof is probably not going to help you. We have done it a lot and it is real hard to see the true colors. You are laying a small sample size next to another color and it distracts the eye. Even over underlayment it is difficult. In my opinion the best way is to lay them on the ground near your house, hold them up to your siding, and look at them installed on another house. They don’t translate perfectly when you see them on another house since it is probably a different color but it does help you see the variegation on a larger scale.

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Get in your car and go for a ride. Find a trim / siding/ roof color scheme on a house similar to yours that you like. That will narrow your search immensely.

Very surprised by the results, compared to the mfg websites and wall samples I’ve seen. Brought home one of the following and laid half a bundle out on my roof.

Tamko Heritage WWood
Owens C. Duration Trudef Driftwood
Landmark WWood (not max def)

I’m leaning towards the Landmark. I liked the quality and the subtle variegation of colors.

Tamko colors were ok, not variegated at all. Seemed very flimsy and cheaply made, losing granules right out of the package. (Didn’t even bother putting those on the roof for sampling)

I liked OC quality but the variegated colors are way too much for my house’s already variegated brick.

Saw some Landmark maxdef in person and they too are variegated.

I was looking at Pabco and Atlas but we wouldn’t be able to get those in time before the cool weather and rain show up in TX. My contractor is also having trouble accessing those with his supplier. Wanting to get this done by end of Oct.

Landmarkb pro max def weather wood is one of my favorite shingles.