Buying a new extension ladder for estimates.... Opinions?

Boss is going to buy me a new extension ladder for estimates. I complained that the one I have has a bent leg and the stickers on the side are worn off (OSHA problem) and he finally relented.

Because he’s buying, I immediately want to just buy the most expensive one I can. But that’d likely be very heavy… I almost always work solo for estimates, and weight 190. I have a ladder rack.

I’ve been using the Werner 24ft three stage ladder, and have been liking it for the most part.

I like that it’s easy to carry with one arm at my side, but sometimes it’s not tall enough, and I have to come back with a buddy and the 32ft extremely heavy ladder, which wastes time.

Any thoughts?

Get a 32’ or a 40’. New ones will have a rope. Should be able to carry by yourself.

Just stumbled on these, they look pretty cool…expensive

If you want expensive look at what wood ladders cost.

You really need 2 ladders like a 20’ & a 32’.

I really like my 20’ wood ladders, they never blow over, they don’t slide around, & they don’t conduct electricity.

For ladders over 20’ I use fiberglass.