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For the more experienced roofing contractors on this site. How do you market yourself to other businesses you would like to work with? (Builders, Property management companies, real estate agents, ect.)



We don’t. We’re a GC so builders are out. Difficult to make money at $35 to $40 per square. Some Real Estate Agents are okay to work with. Most will just suck up your time and deliver no business. If you like a lot of repairs, then seek out Property Management Groups. My point is, in general, these sources don’t provide very profitable business. May be okay to supply some cash flow and fill in the gaps if you need that.



We stay away from the above listed parties as much as possible. Occusionally we will do a high end slate or tile job as part of a bigger renovation or construction project but we always insist on a separate contract directly with the owner.

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Thanks for the responses guys, yea with the PM companies it is nearly always repairs, I will have to invest more time in creating my own leads. Have you guys used google adwords? If you have what is your average ROI?



It totally depends on the market you’re in. Many of the roofers on this forum subsist on insurance work and this is sound strategy in certain regions. As I’ve said many times, this is a huge country and there are many different dynamics. We do very little commercial, lots of reroof and a fair amount of new residential. New work residential is the lowest profit margin, but great for rainy days. We charge around $260-280 for easy standard pitch comp roofs on new construction. This pencils out to about $1,200 profit for a 35 square roof which takes one day. Reroof on similar houses is double that. We work reroofs when the sun is out and new work when it’s rainy. Realtors are a blessing and a curse. Find the ones who conduct themselves honestly, in line with how you run your business. Give them prompt service and work will flow your way. Offer free roof inspections and almost any roof you set your ladder on will need,at the very least, minor repairs.