Building a house for under $25,000 in Costa Rica

After reading a few threads, I wanted to introduce myself to this community.

Living in Costa Rica, I have seen some of the most amazing guest homes that cost next to nothing. Besides the interior, the roofs are strong and water resistant. Even the ones that are built with Palm branches not only look nice, but can withstand the high winds and heavy rains. Your trade is amazing and impressive.

I look forward to sharing ideas with other forum members.

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It is possible to build a home for around $25,000. In upstate NY the amish are building homes out of pine branches and tree bark instead of palm branches. Maybe they are on to something because the homes they were building out of conventional materials were not holding up to high winds and heavy rains.

Thanks for the reply Mr. Lincoln. You are one of my favorite presidents.

In addition, I have been amazed by the creativity of the homes built here.I do live in a third world country and sometimes people have to make the most of what they have.

Hopefully, you can visit one day and see for yourself.

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nice to see costa rica representing.


Pleasure to know you gweedo.

Hi Richard,

With a little thought I can use most any material to keep water out.

I have a friend who left today to spend a month in your country. He goes to watch birds.


I am sure that your friend will have some great stories to tell.

Bird watching is very popular here.

About 10 years ago, I bought a used Gary Fisher dual suspension mountain bike from a guy who had gone to work for a travel agency (internet business hadn’t quite taken off like we now know it).

He was selling the bike because he had an opportunity to take a very long / very inexpensive trip to Costa Rica.

I said “Yeah… no mountain biking there.” :roll: Knowing full well that Costa Rica is considered one of the top 5 destinations in the world for mountain bike riding (granted, it would make sense to rent one locally, but still… I’m the kinda guy who wants to take his own fishing rods vs. rentals).

Unfortunately, I think the secret has long been out in regards to C.R.

Costa Rica is so much fun, that the moment I walked off of the plane, I stopped losing my hair.

I have been here almost eight years of pure bliss.

You should come and visit one day. It runs circles around Vegas, Hawaii even the resorts of Mexico.

Imagine 50 cent beers and $5 a pound lobsters.

What’s the going rate for thatching a roof?

I think they charge by the frond…

I am not exactly sure. I do know that we can get workers for $2 an hour.

Still, there are high end homes that would appreciate the level of service that you could provide.I am sure that they would be willing to pay top dollar.

Especially, the new homes being built at the beach.

Rich, NOW I know you have been drinkin’ the local kool aid…

Believe me, nobody is going to want to pay 300.00 a day for an American to come into town & build a house considering that they can get a lot of locals to do the job for about 50.00 / day on the top end. Trust me - it’s possible to find an international co. who can get some bilingual foremen from the US or UK or wherever & find labor with the right skillset to get the job done.

Just trying to find an excuse to get you guys down here!

Personally, I wish about 75% of the population around me would move back to California or New York or Oklahoma…

We’re getting a Home Depot about 13 miles away from my house & that’s about 30 miles too close (which is where the next available one is located).

When we get a Wal Mart, I know it’s time to throw up my hands & scream.

It puts professionals, like yourself, at risk.

Today, it doesn’t matter how much skill or experience you have. The question that many will ask is if you can continue to lower your rate for their bottom line.

Quality is being sacrificed. It just isn’t fair.

Hang in there, my friend