Building a dormer into intersecting roof?

Hello from a new guy :smiley:

We are planning an attic conversion in our home. The attic is solidly floored and has been used for living quarters (only semi-finished) by previous owners. Our biggest problem is that the stairs entering the attic exit right below the steep intersecting roof rafter, meaning you have to bend at the hips and neck to turn and access the larger portion of the attic.

My brother is a subcontractor for a few large building firms. His suggestion was to create a dormer on one roof that would extend into the intersection. I’ve searched all over and have not seen anything like this either live or on the web except for this link which shows the concept of his idea:

Anyone have any thoughts as to whether or not this is feasible…or perhaps another suggestion to modify the intersecting rafter? To complicate matters, this is a half twin, so there might be concern as to how it affects the adjoining owner’s roof.

The attic is large and with some insulation and sheetrock will make a great bedroom, but we do need comfortable access. Unfortunately moving the stairway is not an option.

Here’s a pic trying to explain (sorry for the tree in the way). The red line is the intersection, the idea is to extend the dormer down the length of the front roof (yellow arrow) and into the other roof, eliminating the lower 3/4 of the intersecting rafter.

Thanks for any suggestions. :smiley:


This can be done without any problems.

I put one on a house just like yours.

I will get pictures and post them.

Cool Lefty…thanks! :smiley:

BTW…I’m in Slatington. :smiley:


Here are the pictures. I put that addition on 16 years ago.

That is one big room.

Awesome, thank you so much…that’s a big help!

lefty just gets it done .
done indeed.