Builder says roof won't work?

Building a new house, got plans online. Got quote, no problems with the design submitted. Now deposits are in and they said they needed to draw up plans themselves. Again, no problem. But when I got the plans back they are VERY different. They are telling me they need to change the roof to “make it work”. I’m not understanding why the hip roof is not possible? They also changed the entrance doorway and used a different roof there as well.
Any ideas?

More info, I’m lost……….

I am as well…I submitted the colored artwork with the metal hip roof and they never said they couldn’t do it. Then I received the black and white plans from the builder saying that they needed to modify the original plans to make it work. Make what work? Why would this new roof be better than the hip roof? I think it’s ugly as well. There’s no attic, so I’m just trying to understand why it couldn’t be done as originally shown.

I’d make a list of questions, if builder won’t answer, get one that will.

Thank you, yeah…I have a bad feeling about it. Thanks again for your help.

Are you in snow country?

Nope. It’s Delaware.

I agree the second design is better for you
Because the 4 valleys in the first design
Is irrigating water to where you Dont want it.

I’d definitely question the reason for changing your design. Either design will work fine unless there is a snow problem. Yes, you have valleys on the first design, but so what? Water can be channeled away from your walkway very easily. Look at very expensive homes. They have turrets, valleys and all sorts of wild roofs and they work very well, thank you. You’re the owner so get what you want!

Thanks so much for your reply, just trying to get a better understanding of what’s possible.

When you start to have problems like this after the quoting is done and accepted on the design submitted, you’re going to have ongoing problems and this is just the beginning
Get out and go elsewhere!

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