Buckling on new roof


I had a new roof installed about three months ago. They did a great job with the exception of one area. There appears to be some buckling in one corner. Please see the attached image. Is this purely a cosmetic problem, or can there be structural issues down the road? To me, it looks like they didn’t properly cut the shingles in this area. Thanks in advance.


Could be several issues, causing the appearance. Looks like the wall flashing was reused, possibly. Probably was j flashing , or turn back. Alot of times if the the shingle is jammed up against the flashing, it will hump. Same thing will happen if tin shingles are used and the shingle is jammed up against it, too tight. This hump can also be caused by a tin shingle not laying flat. If the shingle isn’t but a few months old, could be it needs some warm days to relax. If it’s a piece of flashing not laying flat, it will always be like that.


Thanks for the quick reply. In looking back at my records, it was actually installed in late July. These last few months have flown by. Where I live, average highs in July/Aug are in the 90s, so I think it had enough time to relax. In looking back at the contract, it does stay “Install wall flashing where needed.” Since the house is only 10 years old, I suppose they were able to reuse a lot of it.


I think a couple of shingles are just to tight to the wall.
Easy fix