Brown Ice Dams - any idea?


Hey guys - i have ugly brown ice dams on one section of my roof and have no idea why.

Please see attached images.

They originate in one spot between the edge of addition roof and original house roof.

The dormer right above brown ice dams has a bathroom, and a bat tub right in that corner.

Also the space between addition and og house is like VENTED attic space. From inside that space i can see light - exact spot where brown ice dam starts.

Here is attic space:

I dont think bath tub is leaking and its not used much… I will look though…

BTW… this never happened before. Just during the last big snow.

Any suggestions?


The brown color is most likely just dirt stuck in the shingles. It looks like heat from inside is melting the snow from the underside in one section and then it is re freezing on a cooler section of roof. Just my guess but it might be an insulatuon issue allowing heat to escape.


That section is not insulated… Its fully vented. In last 2 pics u can see the inside of where brown starts, and vented soffits

I did not have this last winter.


In the 2nd picture, why is the siding run vertical on that small area?


Think that’s just the reflection from the siding beside it as it seems like a skylight window.


Lol, good call. I was confused at first too but now that you pointed that out its really obvious. Hahaha


I don’t see any soffit vents. Typical ice dam from what i see. Also High moisture level must be high in the attic, look at the corroded nails in pic 3