Broan vs. IPS Snap Cap vs. FAMCO Exhaust Fan Cap (Jack Vents)

Wanted to inquire from roofing professionals and enthusiasts with experience with either. I need to vent a 6-inch kitchen hood and a couple of bathroom fans. Everyone in my area sells Broan or Lomanco (which looks exactly like Broan). However, reading people’s experiences online suggests a lot of leaks with Broan vents with higher winds and rain. Apparently the flimsy damper flap opens in high winds and lets rain in, which then drips through the ducting.

I cam across IPS SnapCap Jack Vents - they use plastic damper instead of flimsy aluminum, however the damper is flanged and actual opening is smaller. Broan’s opening is almost 10 inches, which increases chance of rain penetration. Since I only need a 6-inch vent, IPS seems to hit the spot. Does anyone have experience with IPS vs. Broan? Any other suggestions for a good quality lower leak risk Jack Vent? I looked at Famco branded option, but their looks to use similar flimsy aluminum flap, but at least it has rubber seal instead of Broan’s foam seal.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

I have the broan, 6" goose neck, hood vent, on my kitchen. If I remember the flapper is in the horizontal position, so I think it works better than the semi vertical of some of the bath vents. I’ve never had water leaks or any sound of wind. Most vent hoods have a flapper at the fan also. When you hear leaks from a vent, its the installer or a small chance it’s a defect. I’ve installed hundreds of these kitchen vents. Never a call back. It’s tough to do it right, because code requires a sealed pipe install.
Mine is hard piped to the attic. All joints are hot taped, sealed. The final 2ft are metal, accordion style to have a clean, sealed attachment. Code allows for metal adjustable.
Wanted to add, my pitch is 12/12 where the vent is.

Thank you, rooferama. My concern on Broan is the flapper and the second issue is that the sides of the flashing are only 1.75 inches wide. This provides very limited overlap with shingles. I feel like a 3-4 inches overlap would be the golden amount to overlap there. The roof pitch here is 3.2/12, which is much more likely to leak than 12/12 - and surely easier to raise the flapper in the wind. But I am also not too sold on plastic damper on IPS. I just wish there were a high quality option, I am willing to pay premium for something that it not too flimsy. Every option out there seems to have flimsy aspect to it.

No problem. I agree, the flange on those vents are thin, but I find that on many vents. I’ve installed many restaurant vents that have the fan in the vent, on the roof. The flange is the same way. 2" at the most. If you seal each shingle to it properly. You won’t have a problem. If you are going to nail it on, you might pre drill the holes. That gauge is pretty tough.
Remember the flapper is wimpy to allow low cfm to open it. It doesn’t have any waterproofing to it.
Good luck on it.

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Thanks, I will try to seal it the best I can. I got 634M model with 6 inch duct. One thing I plan to do is to caulk the removable flapper plate to the housing, so water that gets on it does not penetrate inside the housing around its edges. The funny thing, any water that does run down the walls on the inside, will end up inside the bottom plate. The lip inside bottom plate is continuous and will prevent it from leaking into the house, however the unit I have gotten does not have any weep space on the bottom front right below the screw. So that water will accumulate in the inside space until it fills up and overflows the lip into the home. IPS unit does not have the metal on the front go all the way to bottom for this reason. Some store Broan models I saw were not welded shut on the bottom, this unit I have is sealed with paint. I think I will get a drill and make a couple of small weep holes on bottom to allow any water that does penetrate into sealed space to drain out. The trick is to avoid damaging continuous bottom plate, only drilling on vertical piece. Maybe that is the reason why some people have leak issues with it?