BP organic shingle failure

I am filing a suit against BP because the organic 3 tab shingles that were installed on our roof in 2000 have been deteriorating (lots of grit in the gutters and warping) for the past 5 years. They refuse to warranty the shingles and say it’s our ventilation. (Our replaced roof lasted 25 yrs) and the shingle area that’s the worst is over an open porch overhang. If anyone has some information on this or know of others who have had the same problems with BP organic shingles, please let me know. I’ve been working on this for a year. I have had 3 roofers come and they have all said the same thing. It’s the shingles but they also say it’s really hard to fight BP.

With all of BP’S problems right now you might have to take a number and get in line.As long as the product was installed specifically to manufacture requirements and that means specifically.,because even though you have product failure it is not uncommon for the manufacture to jump behind improper installation and in some cases rightfully so.

It was nice to chat with you this morning. BP shingles like IKO and all other organics tend to go bad in 10 to 12 years it seems.

I’m following your advice and contacted the law firm in Chicago (& they have a branch in MN) and also am contacting Willard to see if they had issues with the BP organic shingles. Thanks so much for your help!

They are crap in our neck of the woods…i know of 8 roofs replaced around here all under 10yrs old…

WTF? File an insurance for hail damage

Only in a perfect world. More and more adjusters are taught to understand the difference between a hail hit and a blister.

Can’t say I haven’t seen a few adjusters circle a blister :roll:

Where is “your neck of the woods”? I’m looking for people who have had the same problem to back up my claim. And to see about the possibility of a class action lawsuit.

BC , Canada.

Organic shingle failures are the norm for the industry. Last good one I put on was an IKO Chateau about 15 yrs ago. Still looks good. Globe, TAMKO, CT, IKO, all failures here. Anything after the mid 90’s is terrible junk

Seems like there should be some conversation on-line about this. Have you done Google searches, or did I miss that?

Anyway in these parts it seems to be a Hailstorm claim IF you are tight w/ an adjuster or got the right connection.

Does anyone know if they still sell organic shingles ? it seems they have all got anway from them. IKO and BP are even going fiberglass, at least the ones we can get.

I get asked hat a lot. My guess is maybe in Canada, or special order in the states. Since no one actually has any interest in aquiring them nowadays, it is an irrelevant conversation

Organic is not the norm here,I just use fiberglass…

Its not irrelevent if you were trying to build a case against organic shingles.

I agree
I did not mean it regarding warranty rj. I meant it more as conversation in general, mostly w/ prospective clientel

Organic shingles will no longer be a problem since they will be out of the market very soon. The industry is has already moved or is moving to Fibreglass.

Shingle failure can be caused by a number of things, application, vents, roof deck and see even quality.

I have been hearing so much about the failure of organic shingles so it has to be more than the venting or installation. I have been spending a lot of time on this since BP has denied my claim & the houses with the BP organic shingles have been so varied. I am having an engineer coming today from my home owners’ insurance agency to look at the roof (Thanks JB! for the suggestion) I’ll be curious what they say. I would appreciate any information anyone from the forum has about the BP organic shingles. Have they stopped making them? Do you know a customer that had BP shingle failure? anything would be helpful.

It has NOTHING to do w/ venting

Hi Idiot Savant!
Why do you write this? I’m afraid the roofer and engineer that thoroughly inspected the house today will blame venting and the installation even though our previous roof with fiberglass shingles lasted 25 yrs. Also, there are plenty of parts of our organic shingle roof now that are ok…they are on the north side or on a steep pitch (we have a mansard roof). It seems the organic shingles do not hold up where there is more heat, sun or water.
Could you go into more detail why you think it has “NOTHING to do with venting”?

I am not privy to manufacturing methods or secrets. So I am no expert. In fact, I am an Idiot
But I can tell you this…
EVERY Organic manufacturer has had this issue from the mid-90s forward. Globe, IKO, CT, TAMKO…
on MANY properly vented roofs and almost all vented in someway.

Venting is mostly a warranty “out” for the shingle manufacturers. While it is absolutely necessary for the roof SYSTEM it’s effects on the shingles themselves are comparatively minute. Altho it is an “out” for the manufacturers, using it now when the product failure is common knowledge is a form of BS.

People don’t like lawyers, but as in the CT settlement, what are ya gonna do? Roll over?
EXAMPLE: (hypothetical)
No vents: 90 Deg outside. 160 deg roof surface. 140 deg. in attic.
Add vents: 90 deg heat now waffing through attic
Cooler air has to actually cool the plywood before it even starts to cool the shingles. What will that take and how much “cool” air will be left to take on the 160 deg shingle heat? (answer: Not much)
SO in the end, the roof surface temp is lowered from 160 deg to what? 155 deg? WOW, that’ll save your shingles!

YES! Ventilation will cool your attic. ANd that is the idea.