Boral vs Eagle concrete tile


Was here a few months ago, finally got my insurance company to approve new tile on roof.

My question now is which concrete “s” tile manufacturer would be a better choice. Boral or Eagle.

Will a few of you pros help me out with any input you may have. Maybe pros & cons on either. Thanks in advance

Any time install comes down to three things…workmanship, workmanship, and workmanship.

Not always MPA. I have put on LOTS of both products and I now avoid Boral at all costs. For starters read both warranties. If Boral tiles fail or show defect the ONLY thing Boral is on the hook for is replacement of tile and ridge. They will cover NO labor unless you fight them or have buying power with them/leverage. We did a 90 square job on a custom home which showed cracking after the first year. They convinced the homeowner it was surface and no big deal. We went to fix breakage 7 years later and the whole roof was cracking. Boral agreed to provide tile and ridge delivered to the driveway. We fought them for a year before they finally agreed to cover it. They then found the lowest bid they could find, 35-40,000$ below 4 bids from reputable contractors and cut a check for that amount. We have to use them on some small jobs lately, to match existing, and had similar problems with quality control. Avoid them! Eagle is a good product with good support behind it.