Bill Chandler w/ Rich Roofers

Has anyone heard of Bill Chandler and his Rich Roofers program? He offers a program where he shows you how to connect directly with insurance agents for appointments with homeowners who already filed claims? Just wanted to see if anyone had experience before we consider taking the plunge. There’s just so many scams out there.

Never heard of it. However, if you need to buy a program to understand how to connect with Insurance Agents, you’re probably not going to be able to do it with the program. How about using Google and some decent Sales Work, save yourself the money for the program? Do you really think it is a silver bullet? There are no silver bullets.


I embrace that perspective. When I heard about the program, I started doing some investigating of how to myself which partly spurred the post I made here. It’s worth a shot to just try it out myself.

Thank you. Your response gave me some direction.

We are a Metal Roofing company in S.A TX. We connected with a Private’s adjuster and it has been worth the investment. When a client has a claim we take pictures of all the damage of the home, send it to adjuster, adjuster creates an estimate using the EXACT same software insurance companies use. It has made our job so much easier and it makes the insurance companies adjuster job easier. Insurance companies want to close out claims fast so a lot of times they miss damages on the home and under pay the homeowner. A few examples: insurance company left out drip edge on a metal roof and synthetic underlaymemt, left out profit margin for having multiple traits in claim (Windows fence AC vent ETC0, did not account for waste in material. Our estimate included all of that…so we were able to file a supplement estimate. I would encourage finding a Prvte adjuster to help you.

I assume you mean a public adjuster? What does that have to do with the OP’s post? If a PA is sending you leads, that seems to be a conflict of interest and possibly a violation of law.